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Our Services

For over three decades, Argentechs, Inc. evolved in various construction projects from simple welding and masonry works to a full- service contractor today. Our experience and skills at Argentechs, Inc. cover a wide scope of services in both petroleum and water industries.


Here in Argentechs, Inc. we don’t challenge proven principles but braze out its boundaries to generate practical solutions that truly matter. Thus, make the ARGI team known for its ability to innovate on the most challenging projects. Check out our projects and contact us to learn how we can help you.

Receiving Facilities

  • Fabrication & Installation of Submarine Pipeline

  • Fabrication & Installation of Inland Pipeline

  • Construction of Docking & Mooring Facility

  • Sandblasting of Internal & External Pipes

  • Concrete Pile Jacketing

Storage Facilities

  • Storage Tank Erection/Fabrication

  • Storage Tank Cleaning

  • Sandblasting / Painting of Storage Tanks

  • Storage Tank Repair

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Distribution Facilities

  • Construction of Tank Truck Loading Facility

  • Fabrication of Above Ground Tank (AGT)

  • Fabrication of Under Ground Tank (UGT)

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Two Scuba Divers

Construction Diving

  • Underwater Inspection

  • Underwater Installation

  • Underwater Welding / Cutting

Biological Purification

Water Pipelines

  • Distribution Mains

  • Process Lines in Treatment Plants

  • Sewerage Pipelines

    • ​Process Lines (in Wastewater Treatment Plants)

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